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2014 Championship Finals


Indoor Golf League

Central Oregon Indoor Golf



Dan McCleery and fellow EWGA member, Pat Paris, are starting Wine and Nine Ladies Night at Central Oregon Indoor Golf on November 24.

    Monday   5:30 – 7:30 PM
    $15           Beer, wine & snacks are available for purchase

The event is limited to 8-10 each night, so reserve your place by registering on-line below under Upcoming Events, or by emailing Pat Paris or Diane Kirpach.

COIG offers us their two video ranges on Monday nights at 5:30 for non-competitive play and have competitive leagues most other nights of the week. Check out their website There are a large variety of courses to play and you get feedback from the machines including the distance, speed, angle of your shot. This is a great environment for beginners!


UPCOMING EVENTS (2-3 months)

  1. Crooked River Ranch - Weekend Event

    Jan 31, 11:00 AM - 3:30 PM (PT)
    Crooked River Ranch, OR, United States
  2. Central Oregon Indoor Golf - 5:30 PM

    Feb 2, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (PT)
    Bend, OR, United States
  3. Central Oregon Indoor Golf - 5:30 PM

    Feb 9, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (PT)
    Bend, OR, United States
  4. Central Oregon Indoor Golf - 5:30 PM

    Feb 16, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (PT)
    Bend, OR, United States
  5. Central Oregon Indoor Golf - 5:30 PM

    Feb 23, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (PT)
    Bend, OR, United States
  6. Central Oregon Indoor Golf - 5:30 PM

    Mar 2, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (PT)
    Bend, OR, United States
  7. Central Oregon Indoor Golf - 5:30 PM

    Mar 9, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (PT)
    Bend, OR, United States
  8. Central Oregon Indoor Golf - 5:30 PM

    Mar 16, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (PT)
    Bend, OR, United States
  9. Central Oregon Indoor Golf - 5:30 PM

    Mar 23, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (PT)
    Bend, OR, United States
  10. Central Oregon Indoor Golf - 5:30 PM

    Mar 30, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (PT)
    Bend, OR, United States

Golf Activities - Weekend Events

  1. Crooked River Ranch - Weekend Event

    Jan 31, 11:00 AM - 3:30 PM (PT)
    Crooked River Ranch, OR, United States

Did You Know?

    Around 1550 Mary Queen of Scots, a fan of golf, commissioned the building of the golf course at St. Andrews. She was also credited with coining the term "caddies" as military cadets in France where she grew up used to carry clubs and be course assistants.

    Golf didn’t come of age with us ladies until the 1800’s. The first known women's golf tournament was held in 1811, at the Musselburgh Golf Club in Scotland. In 1867 St. Andrews created The Ladies Club-the first women's golf organization. In the late 1800s, Issette Pearson Miller assisted in the creation of one of the first golf handicapping systems in London, England. In 1894, the first women's tournament was held in the US, hosted by the Morris County Golf Club in Morristown New Jersey. The course had only seven holes. The first US women's amateur championship was in 1895 sponsored by the United States Golf Association founded in 1894.

    Women’s golf gained in momentum in the early part of the 20th century, most notably during Babe Didrickson-Zaharias' popularity in the 1930s. However, it wasn't until after World War II that women's golf really took off. In 1950, the Ladies Professional Golf Association was formed. Babe Didrickson-Zaharias, Patty Berg and Louise Suggs were some of the most popular golfers in the early years of the LPGA.

    In 1978, Nancy Lopez became the first female golfer to earn both rookie of the year and player of the year in the same season. In 1996, Karrie Webb became the first LPGA golfer to earn one million dollars in a single season.

    In 2007, the club at St. Andrews hosted its first women's professional tournament, the Women's British Open and brought us full circle.

    What will you do this year to make the Did You Know list?

Submitted by Candy Wood, Golf Program and Services Director

Professional Development

Let people know your skills and broaden your network by creating a profile on LinkedIn. This is one of the single most beneficial ways to network with others in your field by letting them know you are ACTIVE in your career. So whatever your career goals are, whether searching for a new job, finding new clients, letting your boss know that you care about your career advancement, or gleaning ways to overcome challenges in your workplace, LinkedIn is a great starting point.


Tie in your EWGA profile with your LinkedIn profile.

First Step:

1)  Set up a basic LinkedIn account
2)  Go to your EWGA profile and click the button that says
      Grab Profile Info from LinkedIn
      Update your information from LinkedIn®
3)  Start networking on both EWGA and LinkedIn!!

Submitted by Wink Jackson, Marketing Director

Profile Pictures of Members

We’d like to encourage you to upload a current photo of yourself to your profile on the EWGA CO website.   You’ll be able to recognize each other at local events and it’s a great way to network with other EWGA chapters, as the ‘Member Clubhouse’ is available to all members on the website.

Here’s how to upload your photo: ​

  • Log into the website using your username and password.
  • Click on My Profile in the top, green toolbar.
  • All your profile information should be listed by topics here. Feel free to add information to share with other members.
  • There’s a space for your profile picture at the top left beside your address, with a “gear icon”. Click on this icon to add or change your picture.


  • In the dialog box that comes up, click on Browse and locate a picture file on your computer.  It should be in .jpg, .bmp, .gif or .png format and less than 100kb if possible.
  • Select the file and click Open to upload your picture.

To see someone else’s picture: ​

  • Click on Directory / Find a Chapter Member in the top, green toolbar.
  • Click on the green Find Members button – a list of all EWGA Central Oregon members and our EWGA corporate contacts will be displayed.
  • If you want to find a specific person, you can enter their name and then click Find Members./li>

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact Diane Kirpach or Vicki Parish for assistance.

EWGA MBR BENEFITS - Central Oregon Specific


Golf Opportunities:

  • Box Groove Membership ($49 value and access to private golf clubs across the country)

Willamette Valley Country Club, Canby
Bend Golf and Country Club, Bend

Orchard Hills Country Club, Washougal
Illahe Hills Country Club, Salem

Oswego Lake Country Club, Lake Oswego
Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club, North Plains

Rock Creek Country Club, Portland
Creekside Golf Club, Salem

  •  70% savings off regular greens fees – No booking fee (up to $5 savings each booking)


  • Club Corp:  Buy 1 Get 1, either lunch or
                         round of golf at private Club Corp facility
    Facilities within a reasonable driving distance
    for a getaway:

         Canterwood Golf and Country Club

             Gig Harbor, WA
         Columbia Tower Club
              Seattle, WA

Game Improvement:

  • USGA Handicap Service – GN21 ($25 - $75 value)

Golf Clothes and Equipment:

  • Golf Galaxy:  10% off select items  in stores and online.

  • Chico’s: Discount coupons available for EWGA members in stores and online.  Location:  Old Mill District

Golf Spectator

  • Free admission to LPGA and Symetra Tour Events ($15 - $115 value)

    LPGA Portland Classic, Beaverton, Or, Aug 25-31, 2014

Vacation / Business Travel Planning

  • Preferred Golf Properties ($295 value)

    Receive preferred room rates and a complementary round of golf with a 2-night stay at the world’s best golf resorts.

  • Billy Casper Golf:  15% off 18 hole rounds any day of the week

  • American Golf Corporation:  50% off private, resort and public golf courses               

  • Additional discounts on car rental, hotels, greens fees and stays at key resort destinations

  • Regus:  Free one-year membership to an office support resource for the traveling businessperson.  Worldwide drop in access to working lounges with WI-FI, refreshments, printing, faxing, copying and administrative support.  10% off meeting rooms, day offices and video communications. (valued at $150)

Savings Scenario:


$49   Boxgroove membership    

$25   Golf Galaxy savings for online purchases

$25   Buy a new outfit at Chico’s

$40   Attend LPGA Portland Classic event
         2 weekend days           

$25   USGA Handicap – GN21


$164 Total Savings

Visit the Member Clubhouse for a full listing of
benefits and details, codes, discounts, etc.

HOT NEWS FROM EWGA HQ - January 2015

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President's Message

     As I sit here watching the snow fly I'm trying to think of something to write. I decided to scan the latest "Golf Magazine" issue for some inspiration. I did find inspiration - to get outdoors again and play! There were all sorts of tips to improve bunker shots, chipping, putting and course management, information on equipment not to mention lots of photos of beautiful golf courses around the country.

     Let's all stay inspired by celebrating the shoulder season Central Oregon style. Enjoy the warmth of playing inside with Monday evening indoor golf or braving the elements and play 9 or 18 hole weekend golf through the winter months (weather dependent) at some of our local high desert courses beginning in January.  It's not exactly playing golf in Palm Springs but rather getting back out onto the golf course with your fellow members and friends and having fun!! 

     Happy New Year to you all.

A Women's Place Is On the Golf Course


 Vicky Thomas


Christina Ricci's Golf Tip of the Week for
More Pars and More Fun!

Address Key Points on the Tee Box

In this tip of the week, let's get back to set-up. This is where we continually fall off the tracks. As players, when shots go haywire, we tend to blame everything besides our set-up. "Geez, I lifted my head." or "Aghhhh, I didn't stay in my posture." or "I heard whispering and it threw off my focus."

Oftentimes, trouble begins before we pull the club back, so here is a quick check list to ensure you get checks with these address set-up key points when on the tee.

        *  Stance slightly wider than shoulder width…Check!
        *  Ball positioned off front heel…Check!
        *  Shaft in line with sternum and hands following…Check!
        *  The correct distance from the ball…Check!
        *  A neutral grip with the right grip pressure…Check!
        *  A good grip which allows for the right shoulder tilt…Check!
        *  A bend from the hip joints, not waist…Check!
        *  Back knee favoring in to promote a solid base…Check!
        *  Feet pressure points favoring in to also assist in
            promoting a solid base…Check!
        *  Ball sailing high and going long…Check!
        *  Head clear of negative thoughts…Check!

Copyright © 2014 Golf Survival Guides, All rights reserved.

Submitted by Diane Kirpach, Communications Director

Membership News

Membership Has Its Benefits

    The holidays are over and I’m dreaming of warmer days, expansive green grass, and little flags fluttering in the breeze…

    Like everyone else, I’m reflecting on this coming year and my resolution. 2015, it seems an auspicious number, so full of promise and opportunities, halfway through another decade, and the right time to put my life’s priorities in order. So, my resolution is simply to be kinder to myself.

    We all know that nothing is simple, simple takes planning and a little help. I’m going to arm myself with a device to track my steps and an app to track my calorie intake. Can’t wait to see how many ‘steps’ are involved in 18 holes of golf- with my handicap it shouldn’t be a problem to hit the 10,000 steps needed for a healthy lifestyle. I’m already planning time away from work and the never ending to do list with a golf vacation or two this spring. And, I’m going to invest in those relationships that provide a sense of support and community, as well as a good laugh- life’s best medicine- with a group of smart and capable, fun and funny, women.

    I think I have covered the key points to leading a healthy life, to be kinder to myself. Physical, check! Mental, check! Emotional, check! What’s the common denominator? Why golf, of course, and the EWGA.

    Membership not only has benefits but it matters in ways you may not have previously considered. Here’s a toast to what we can and will accomplish this year to strengthen our EWGA community. Here’s a toast to all of you, your health, happiness, and prosperity. Happy New Year!

    Still dreaming of warm days, fast greens, and pulling that little flag as a white ball rolls into a white cup…


Submitted by Lorri Evers, Member Services Director

Membership Recruitment

Did you know that since the inception of the EWGA, the #1 way women learn about the EWGA is through word of mouth? Listed below is a way you can recruit new members to our Central Oregon EWGA Chapter.

1. Make a list of your friends and colleagues not currently associated with EWGA.

2. Download EWGA applications, request a few from member services, or encourage your friends to join online at

3. Have your friends submit their application either electronically or via mail or fax.

4. Invite them to an EWGA event with you; share your story about what EWGA means to you.

You can help make 2015 the best year yet by Sharing Your Love of the Game!

Submitted by Michele Bahr, Member Recruitment Director

Guest Policy


Sponsor News

    We have a strong list of Chapter Sponsors for 2014! Please give them your patronage whenever you can.  We appreciate their support, and the discounts and activities these sponsors provide to EWGA in Central Oregon: Pro Golf, Juniper Golf Course, Crooked River Ranch, Aspen Lakes and Cascade Lakes Brewery, and our in-kind sponsors, Marathon Business Machines, Therapeutic Associates (Chris Cooper), Total Glass Resurfacing (Staci Carsten), Mike Palen PGA Professional and Quality Insurance Group (Jillian White).

    If you are a business owner, or you know of one, who would be willing to sponsor our Chapter, please contact Diane Kirpach for more information.

EWGA Central Oregon Sponsors





In-Kind Sponsors

Marathon Business Machines was our first In-Kind Sponsor, and continues to provide EWGA CO with quality printing services at a discount. When you visit them, state that you are a proud EWGA member and you will receive 10% off your order!

Marathon Business Machines
302 SW Evergreen Ave.
Redmond, OR 97756

10% off printing needs

            Our newest In-Kind Sponsor is Therapeutic Associates

EWGA members receive a 20% discount
on golf fitness packages and retail items.

            Mike Palen, PGA Professional, is offering EWGA CO members discounted lessons and packages.

Contact Mike for more information at 541-788-4249 or

           Total Glass Resurfacing is providing 20% off to all EWGA members for any service.

Contact fellow member, Staci Carsten at 605-863-3012 or, to schedule an appointment.

Women’s Golf and Travel Concierge:  Personal travel consultants take care of all aspects of your trip. Golf travel packages all over the globe, women’s golf clinics, academies and more.  Proud EWGA National sponsor.  Central Oregon chapter earns chapter dollars on international trip designed and booked by Women’s Golf and Travel.  Click the link below to find out all about the wonderful programs.