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I’m sitting here in the afterglow of a fabulous start to our golfing season - our Kick-Off Celebration on Saturday, April 2! The weather was just what we ordered…glorious! It was well attended and we had some great vendors sharing their products and businesses. Our speakers on Championship and Match Cup Play were our very own Wink Jackson and Halley Kramer. If you weren’t able to attend, please ask them to share their stories. Emily Anderson Stewart, a PGA Pro at Black Butte, shared personal stories about women and golf, and her and her sister’s competitive side, which was very entertaining and had us all laughing. She also shared that Black Butte Ranch is very excited about hosting our Chapter Championship in July, working with EWGA and being our Title Sponsor.

Now for those of you who were a little intimidated by the talk of Championship and Match Cup Play competitions…

PLEASE DON’T BE! We have our Monday and Tuesday golf leagues where most of the gals just want to go out and have fun! Some don’t have handicaps and some don’t even keep score. They are just out for fun and friendship. We also have some beginning golf opportunities for those of you who need to learn how or want to be more confident in your play. We now have opportunities for all level of golfers!

The drawings were also a big success! We had about 23 fabulous donated gifts to give away, ranging from several wine baskets; a hair cut and style; gown; facial and nutritional products; essential oils and jewelry; golf lesson and indoor golf simulator time; Pro Golf gift certificate; a range ball gift card and golf for two to four at many of our area golf courses. Our silent auction items were for Bend Golf & Country Club and Brasada Ranch Golf Course. Thank you to our generous donors! Also, a big thank you to my committee who worked tirelessly to put this together: Shari Howard, Kellie Harper and Kathy Phillips. And thank you to our board and other members who pitched in to assist wherever they were needed. It truly takes a village!

We had about 47 people in attendance, including10 guests. Five of those guests signed up as new members and two previous members rejoined at the event. Some pretty impressive numbers! It’s about spreading the word on EWGA, so thank you to all the members who brought a guest.

We had 11 participate in the clinics with Bruce and Travis, working on long and short game. What a deal they gave us for an hour and a half of learning time for only $10! We also had 12 ladies tee up to play golf in the afternoon. A big "thank you" goes to Juniper Golf Club for hosting us and providing the clinics, and to Michelle Horton, Events Coordinator for Juniper, for setting up our banquet room and preparing our buffet. Ladies, be sure to tell them a personal "thank you" next time you are out at Juniper.

Check the EWGACO website and Facebook for more pictures of the event! Happy Spring!

    Pat Paris - Recruitment Director

Social and Networking

Golf Activities - 9-Hole League

Golf Activities - Weekend Events

Did You Know?


about Central Oregon golf clinics and lessons

There are a lot of them and they are affordable!

As I was preparing to set up 2016 golf clinics for EWGA Central Oregon, it came to my attention there is no shortage of them already available. Rather than holding several EWGA CO clinics this year, we will put our energies into providing information on local learning opportunities (many from our wonderful sponsors). Please watch the newsletters and check for more information.

The exception to this will be a 3 lesson "Novice Clinic" series to be held at Smith Rock Golf Course on April 20, 27 and May 4 for EWGA members (see SOCIAL AND NETWORKING above)..

If you’ve never had a real golf lesson or attended a clinic, you’re missing out. They are fun and you can pick up nuggets of knowledge which may help you shave strokes off your game. And don’t worry. Everyone is so busy concentrating on what they’re doing, they won’t be watching you.


You would think using a power cart would help with pace of play. This should be the case, but when partners share a power cart it can actually slow the pace when not used efficiently. Unless you have a disability, having a power cart does not mean you drive up to every ball hit. The USGA recommends using a buddy system.

Here’s how it works. Don’t sit in the cart while your cartmate hits, and then drive to your ball to hit. Assuming you and your cartmate hit about the same distance, drive to her ball, drop her off, then drive over to your ball. As soon as she’s hit, she walks to the cart while you’re hitting. You both hop in and you’re off to the next shot.

If one of you hit further than the other, drive the cart to the ball furthest from the hole. That player should grab the club(s) they need and the other person drives the cart to their ball and gets ready to play. Common sense and safety says not to be on the fairway directly in front of another player, but generally speaking there is no reason you can’t cautiously be on the side of the fairway across from your ball and drive out to it as soon as it’s safe. If you have to wait, don’t be sitting in the cart checking your email. Instead, get your club out, check your distance and be ready to play.

Once the person who was dropped off has hit her shot, she walks to the cart and you repeat the process. As you’re riding to your ball, be planning your shot. Also, if you’re the passenger, it’s often more efficient to hop into the cart with your club and wait to put it away until you’re getting your club for your next shot.

As you get to the green, it usually makes most sense for one player to grab the clubs they need and play while the other takes the cart around to the backside of the green.

The bottom line is this: Sitting in the cart waiting for your partner to play is not efficient and slows the pace.


   Jan Duringer - Golf Education, Mentoring & Handicap Director

Professional Development

As a goal for the 2015 EWGA season, please help us share the passion, fun, friendships and connections delivered through EWGA! Its easy to do.

First, LIKE our Facebook page.


Second, CONNECT with us on Linkedin:

1)  go to
2)  search for EWGA Central Oregon Chapter and EWGA (Executive Women's Golf Association)
3)  Connect from your LinkedIn profile (if you don’t have one, it is a good chance to establish one.)

Third, SHARE with your friends, local pro, starters etc., that you belong to EWGA and are growing women’s golf in Central Oregon with your participation and alliance with EWGA. Invite them to join or become a sponsor in the future.

Fourth, PARTICIPATE regularly. A simple and attainable goal is to participate in “1” EWGA event every month. Take a look at the calendar, hit the link, push the RSVP button and do it. Take the time for you, to go golf, once a month. Whether it is a clinic, a social event, 9 holes or 18 holes, once a month keeps you as a priority. That feels really good!

Everything we do in our lives is about creating relationships, actively, on a daily basis. If you have questions or ideas on how to spread the word of EWGA, please send me an email and lets discuss.


Submitted by Wink Jackson, Marketing Director


The Central Oregon EWGA has hit 2016 running… I’ve counted 17 golf playing opportunities in the coming eight weeks to play golf in addition to the 9 this past month. My point is, never before has this chapter provided you with so many opportunities to enjoy your membership in the ‘off season’. We’re listening to your feedback and working hard to fulfill your needs and expectations. The opportunities are both indoor and outdoor to meet your desired participation and our volatile weather. It’s time to dust off those clubs and a great time to get golf ready for spring and summer! And, as we head into spring, you can look forward to golfing at many of our area’s premier public and private golf courses, fun networking and social events, lessons and rules education, competitive play- if you want- and all at a great value, negotiated just for you, as a member of EWGA.

Membership matters and also includes complimentary access to LPGA events, annual subscription to Golf magazine, access to EWGA Golf Handicap system, personalized EWGA bag tag, discounts on golf clothing from leading golf apparel brands, travel, entrance to exclusive clubs through the ClubCorp Member for a Day program.

Participation opportunities with your membership can present itself in many different ways. We have also heard that you would like to be involved as volunteers for our many events or even at the board level. Yes, please! Call or email any one of us and we will connect you with the board member or chair for whatever area of the chapter you would like to be involved with. We are inclusive NOT exclusive. We want and need your ideas, talent, and time…


  Lorri Evers - Member Services


EWGA MBR BENEFITS - Central Oregon Specific

Golf Opportunities:

  • Box Groove Membership ($49 value and access to private golf clubs across the country)

Willamette Valley Country Club, Canby
Bend Golf and Country Club, Bend

Orchard Hills Country Club, Washougal
Illahe Hills Country Club, Salem

Oswego Lake Country Club, Lake Oswego
Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club, North Plains

Rock Creek Country Club, Portland
Creekside Golf Club, Salem

  •  70% savings off regular greens fees – No booking fee (up to $5 savings each booking)


  • Club Corp:  Buy 1 Get 1, either lunch or
                         round of golf at private Club Corp facility
    Facilities within a reasonable driving distance
    for a getaway:

         Canterwood Golf and Country Club

             Gig Harbor, WA
         Columbia Tower Club
              Seattle, WA

Game Improvement:

  • USGA Handicap Service – GN21 ($25 - $75 value)

Golf Clothes and Equipment:

  • Golf Galaxy:  10% off select items  in stores and online.

  • Chico’s: Discount coupons available for EWGA members in stores and online.  Location:  Old Mill District

Golf Spectator

  • Free admission to LPGA and Symetra Tour Events ($15 - $115 value)

    LPGA Portland Classic, Beaverton, Or, Aug 25-31, 2014

Vacation / Business Travel Planning

  • Preferred Golf Properties ($295 value)

    Receive preferred room rates and a complementary round of golf with a 2-night stay at the world’s best golf resorts.

  • Billy Casper Golf:  15% off 18 hole rounds any day of the week

  • American Golf Corporation:  50% off private, resort and public golf courses               

  • Additional discounts on car rental, hotels, greens fees and stays at key resort destinations

  • Regus:  Free one-year membership to an office support resource for the traveling businessperson.  Worldwide drop in access to working lounges with WI-FI, refreshments, printing, faxing, copying and administrative support.  10% off meeting rooms, day offices and video communications. (valued at $150)

Savings Scenario:


$49   Boxgroove membership    

$25   Golf Galaxy savings for online purchases

$25   Buy a new outfit at Chico’s

$40   Attend LPGA Portland Classic event
         2 weekend days           

$25   USGA Handicap – GN21


$164 Total Savings

Visit the Member Clubhouse for a full listing of
benefits and details, codes, discounts, etc.

Hot News From EWGA HQ

Syndicated Content - 20160501 Stroudsburg, PA

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President's Message

We are pleased to announce that over the winter several ladies joined our chapter. 


Renie Cyr, Pam Fortier, Kathey Hall, Kellie Harper, Susie Helfer
Mary Joanis, Halley Kramer, Janelle Strom and Linda Tibbitts

Ladies, you now have connections to more than 14,000 women across the country who also share the love of golf! In addition to offering organized golf events, socials and clinics we promote building confidence, friendships and connections through our many volunteer and leadership opportunities. I’ve had the pleasure of teeing it up with many of you already, and look forward to meeting the rest on the course or at one of our many social events. And, I’m still kicking myself for not showing up when invited to play at Eagle Crest – Ridge on Friday March 25, when Kellie Harper put it in on the 6th for a Hole In One. Way to go Kellie!

New to our chapter this year is an EWGA Central Oregon Member Only Play Handbook. This quick and easy to use Handbook includes a Member Roster with emails and phone numbers, a monthly calendar of planned golf, clinic and social events, rules of the game, golf course phone numbers, list of board members and sponsors, and our all important Call for Volunteers. Handbooks will be distributed at the April 2 Kick Off Event, or mailed if you were unable to attend. Thank goodness - we now have a way to call each other!

Belinda Rasmussen, you are a star  for hand-holding the Handbook process and using your magic to secure Abracadabra to sponsor the printing. Abracadabra donated the entire print charge for our Handbooks and did a superior job. Next time you are in need of high quality printing, please check out Abracadabra in Bend!

I sincerely hope you take advantage of all that is available this season by participating, being involved and sharing your gifts and talents with YOUR Chapter.


Let's make this the best year ever!


Mary Wallis, EWGA-CO President


The other day, as I picked up my golf bag to load it in the car for a day at Crooked River Ranch, I couldn’t believe how heavy it had become, and I wondered, "What the heck is in my golf bag?" I needed to change out bags anyway, since I had just received a beautiful Ping golf bag with my name on it for my birthday, so I decided to lighten my bag.

The most alarming thing I realized I was lugging around was 30 golf balls! Anyone who has played golf with me knows I am a novice, as my 38 handicap proves, but even on my worst day at Meadow Lakes, the most balls I have ever lost in a round was 8! According to the Rules of Golf, Appendix 3.2, the weight of a ball cannot be greater than 1.620 ounces. Assuming my Titleist Pro V1s each weigh about that much, I lightened my bag by over two pounds by just trimming it down to 10 balls.

My bag itself, completely empty, weighs 11 pounds. It’s a beautiful bag, and was a thoughtful birthday gift. So with 10 balls and the bag, I was up to 12 pounds. There are slots for 15 clubs in my bag, even though Rule 4-4 limits us to 14 clubs in a stipulated round. I am a bad enough player that carrying too many clubs in my bag is the least of my problems, but if I ever play in our Chapter Championship (mark your calendars for July 9, 2016 at Black Butte Ranch, Glaze Meadow Course), I will need to vote one my clubs out of the bag. I am thinking it will be my spare 60 degree wedge that I carry just for rough lies and the Aspen Lakes bunkers, which are filled with beautiful crushed red cinder, but can scratch your club pretty bad.

The remainder of my clubs are a set of Ping G30s, an Odyssey chipper, and my beloved Scotty Cameron putter. Even though I am new to golf, I decided last year when I started playing that I wanted to invest in a set of clubs my game could grow into, so I set a budget, and spent two hours with a professional club fitter to find the best fit for my body type. We narrowed it down between TaylorMade, Nike and Ping, and I decided to go with the Ping G30s, after testing everything. I’m not sure I will ever be a good enough player for a custom set of TaylorMades, and the Nike clubs we a little too finicky for my skill level. The Pings, however, were forgiving, and very comfortable to hit with. The Ping G30 driver features "turbulators", which are supposed to help generate greater club head speed and ball velocity. The face material is strong, lightweight and thin, which theoretically optimizes face deflection for higher ball speeds and longer drives. The head is also adjustable, and can be fine-tuned to add or subtract up to 1° of loft, which I am sure I will never do myself, but maybe next time I take lessons, Stuart Allison could make some suggestions on adjustments. Based on my upper body strength, for my shafts the pro fitting me decided I should go with the Ping graphite men’s senior flex, and based on my height and arm length, my clubs are slightly longer than the standard ladies’ size, but shorter than the standard men’s length.

To finish out my set, I have a Scotty Cameron Newport putter, which has weights in the heel and toe that really add to the club’s balance and stability. The final club in my bag is an older Odyssey chipper that I found in the consignment section at Smith Rock Golf Course. I wanted a chipper after seeing chapter member Delores Pliska using her chipper so well. It’s perfect for those shots that didn’t quite make it to the green - too far back for the putter, and too close to risk using a wedge. It has a 37° loft (equivalent to a 7-iron), and its hybrid-like sole allows it to move smoothly through the turf, while still launching the ball high enough in the air to get a little backspin so it stays put when it lands.

I have finally gotten to the point in my game where it’s meaningful to know how close I am to the pin, and I asked many of our chapter members what kind of distance measuring devices they use. I looked at the Garmin Approach watch, which also can tell you about slopes and inclines in the course, keep score, and measures swing strength and tempo. I also looked at the Bushnell Laser Rangefinder, which is great because it doesn’t rely on GPS information and can tell you the exact distance to the flag on a given day, rather than just yardage to the center of the green. But the measuring device I settled on is one I saw many of our chapter members using, including Lorri Evers and Gayle Najera, the GolfBuddy Voice GPS Navigator. It’s simple to use, and extremely accurate. It’s perfect for my game, and only adds .99 ounces to my bag.

For the rest of my bag, I constantly battle with trying to find just the right glove, and finding golf shoes that fit and look good. So far, I have found some great looking golf shoes that feel like I’m walking on sharp pebbles after a few holes, or ugly golf shoes that feel like my feet are encased in thumbtacks. When I find the perfect match of comfort and style, I will add it to my bag. I carry lots of snacks in my bag, powdered drink mixes, band aides, ear warmers, full rain gear, an umbrella, the Rules of Golf 2016 edition, multiple pencils from nearly every course I have ever played, spare sunglasses, spare hat, 8 gloves, including a pair of winter golf gloves, a bag of about 100 tees, 9 balls markers (including my EWGA Mulligan token from last year, just in case), and two golf towels, one for me and one for my clubs.

Maybe that’s why my bag weighs 32 pounds still. I guess I should go back and re-evaluate what’s in my bag, and see if I can pare it down a little more. If you would like me to help you go through your bag, I would love to write an article about it and tell everyone what we find. Just let me know!


Jenny Kimble - Events & Activities Director



Brasada Ranch - February 20



If you love to golf and travel, EWGA has the perfect event for you! Gather 8 ladies and enter the EWGA Cup. The EWGA Cup is a match play competition organized by the EWGA Association Headquarters (EWGA). There is no local chapter event. Instead, all registered teams travel to a match play Qualifier Event. This year the Pacific and Western Qualifiers are in Napa, CA. So, not only will you be traveling and golfing, but you’ll be sipping some fine wines in lovely Napa Valley, California. Sound fun?

The EWGA Cup format is similar to the Ryder Cup and the Solheim Cup, where you compete as a team rather than an individual. So if you’d like to try competitive play but with a team, join the EWGA Central Oregon Cup Team!


EWGA CUP (click here)
  • Have a USGA Handicap Index and post three 18-hole scores this year by September 15, 2016.
  • Travel to the Pacific/Western Qualifier - September 24 & 25 at Chardonnay Golf Club, Napa Valley, CA.
  • Play - 18 holes of Four-Ball on Day 1 and 18 holes of Singles on Day 2
    • Four Ball Match Play - A match in which two players play their better ball against the better ball of two other players. All players play their own ball. The lower net score of the two players is the team score on the hole.
    • Singles Match Play - A match in which one-player plays against another player. Scoring is hole by hole.
    • Earn 1 point for a win, and ½ point for a halved match.
  • Top teams advance to the National Championship - The Cup Finals – 18 holes of Four-Ball on Day 1 and 18 holes Singles on Day 2.
    • Held at The Westin Mission Hills Resort, Rancho Mirage, CA November 11-12, 2016.


Registration Process

  • Online registration opens on April 1, 2016
  • EWGA Central Oregon Captain submits the Team Roster Form with names
  • Player Registration Fee is $247 and includes: Entry fee, 2 rounds of golf w/ cart, range balls, Friday reception, and Saturday and Sunday lunch
  • Our local Central Oregon chapter is sponsoring each participant with $50 towards your registration fee.
  • Practice rounds on September 23 are an additional $65/player
  • Each team member registers individually online by 5pm July 15th

** NOTE: Registration is limited to 14 teams to ensure proper Pace of Play. Early registration of all players is recommended to guarantee your team's position within the event field.

Sign Up or Get More Information

If you are interested in playing or to get more information CLICK HERE, or contact Halley Kramer at


Mary Wallis, EWGA-CO President


Sponsors News


Now in its 20th year, the EWGA Championship is the largest women's amateur golf tournament of its kind with more than 2,400 members participating. With 5 flights of Stroke Play Competition and Inter-Chapter Team Scramble formats, this competitive tournament golf appeals to members of all skill levels.

Qualifying starts at the local chapter then moves on to 15 district semi-finals and culminating in the exciting national two-day Finals. The 2016 Championship Finals will be on October 14 and 15 at The Lansdowne Resort, Lansdowne, VA..

Black Bute Ranch

Our EWGA Central Oregon Chapter individual stroke play and scramble team Chapter championships will be hosted by our gracious sponsors, Black Butte Ranch at the Glaze Meadows course, July 9, 2016.

The Chapter Championship is fun and relatively low key with a social afterwards. All you need are TWO requirements to participate.

  1. an established handicap in 2016 through a service such as GHIN; and
  2. two complete 18 round scores recorded this year to your handicap. There are 5 "flights" or experience level categories so every level of golfer can enjoy playing within their current level of play.

Our local central Oregon chapter AND Black Butte Ranch are sponsoring each participant in the chapter championship with $50 toward the national fee. The national fee exists to cover minimal expenses incurred at the Regional and National level tournaments.

See more information and to register CLICK HERE

THANK YOU! Black Butte Ranch for supporting women’s golf in Central Oregon!


    Wink Jackson, Director of Marketing

2016 EWGA Central Oregon Chapter

Please support our sponsors when ever you can. Click the logos and names below for more information.  And  click here for sponsors' 2016 Discounts!

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